What Client’s Say

I highly recommend Marci Shaffer as a life and career coach.  She brings together extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of human resources and recruitment with sensitivity to the needs of adults with Aspergers Syndrome.  Her communication style is friendly and reassuring, yet direct and clear, and she truly listens and responds to an individual’s concerns.

Marci has worked with my adult son and me for the past two months.  In that short time, she has re-energized a stalled job search, motivating my son to use a broader range of resources and contacts and preparing him for interviews and job fairs.  This has resulted in several phone and in-person interviews and one job offer.  She also helped him with his graduate school application, giving him yet another career path option.

Thank you, Marci, for your sound advice, compassionate guidance, and responsiveness in helping my son reach his life goals.

Parent of coaching client with Aspergers

Having someone to talk to on a regular basis kept me focused on job searching over an extended period, something that likely would have been much more difficult without it. Being able to ask questions about various aspects of the process and knowing I wouldn’t be judged for it, helped build my confidence.  I would definitely recommend Marci as a job search and career coach for fellow college students. She is very helpful in breaking down what is a very intimidating process to smaller, more manageable pieces.   If possible, I recommend meeting on a regular schedule throughout the college semester.

Simmons College Graduate, Class of  2011

 Marci has been my college and career coach for three years. When we first met, I was a college student struggling in interviews, writing resumes, and filling out job applications, both due to my autism spectrum disorder and learning disability, combined with anxiety over these new experiences. Marci was able to effectively coach me in appropriate interviewing techniques and resume tips. Not only did her coaching help me feel more confident in my own abilities, but also rapidly increased the amounts of responses I received from potential employers. In fact, within three months of my graduation of college, I have accepted a job in my field of study—which I strongly contribute to skills and guidance I received from Marci. Marci is professional, sensitive to disability issues, and helpful in all aspects of job hunting.

Jayne, Simmons College Graduate, Class of  2014