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Coaching:   Every individual comes to coaching with a unique set of issues and areas on which they would like to focus. Some people just want advice about how to prepare for an employment interview.  Others want guidance on finding the best-fit job environment. Still others need practice with their social communications skills.   Together, we’ll review your needs and determine a program that will work best for you.

Higher Education:  I can assist your students one-on-one, or help you build (or build upon) your support services for students with Asperger’s.

Employment:  With my extensive staffing background, I’d be happy to help your team find some critical hires.

Speaking:  I am available to speak on Asperger Syndrome in the higher education setting or in the workplace.  I have experience speaking and presenting at conferences, designing training programs for staff, and being an ambassador/spokesperson for programs that support the Aspergers population.

If you are interested in talking about how I can help, please reach out: