Personalized Coaching for College Students and Young Adults with Aspergers

“I got into college! (Or I got the job!)” How can I make the most of it?

The move from high school to college or the workplace can be challenging. But for young adults with Aspergers, non-verbal learning disabilities and similar, this transition can be extremely difficult.

I’m here to help. For over 9 years I’ve worked side by side with dozens of college students and professionals with Aspergers. I learned that some of these coaching clients needed skills, some needed focus, some needed resources and some just needed support & advice to navigate tricky situations.

By focusing on the positive – what’s working “right” — and using that as a stepping stone, I’ve helped dozens of clients push past their limitations and achieve success in moving from high school to college, finding and keeping a job, managing projects, forming relationships, and/or making the most of their talents. That said, the individual with Aspergers often achieves more with a little extra support and guidance to get on the right track professionally and personally.

Helping Today’s Students

A recent article in The New York Times titled Is Your Student Prepared for Life” presented a frightening but honest assessment about our college graduates: Most are not prepared to find a job. In fact, according to the article, 83 percent of college students graduating in the spring of 2014 did so without a job.

That’s the difficult reality facing young adults without disabilities. Imagine, then, how hard it is for a student with Aspergers, and similar to find their way.

My approach is based in real life: I’m on the ground, meeting with my students in their school setting. This gives me insight into their personal & social situations as well as their academic challenges. Then I bridge what’s working or not working with advice, coaching and resources, all the while serving as the glue between the student, the school’s services, professors, advisors, parents and clinical professionals.

Since every student needs something different, my personalized coaching services include any or all of the following:

College Coaching

• Maximizing university resources (tutoring center, student organizations, disability services, career services, etc.)
• Identifying career and employment opportunities (on-campus jobs, volunteer and internship/co-op opportunities, post-college employment, etc.)
• Developing strategies for making and maintaining friendships
• Managing roommate, advisor, professors & other relationships
• Facilitating conversations with faculty and staff

Employment Strategies

• Exploring and identifying career interests, values and skills
• Creating a “Persona Strengths Statement” and/or resume
• Identifying right job at the right employer for their skills & strengths
• Job search & employment research techniques
• Interviewing & presentation skills
• Partnering with managers, human resources and other contacts
• On-the-job coaching & strategies for job performance (multi-tasking, project planning, etc.)
• Managing workplace relationships (peers, managers and others)
• Mastering disclosure (what, when, who, and how)

Life/ Skills Coaching

• Developing a career and life “Blueprint” for short- and long-term goals
• Skill building for executive functioning (time management, organization, scheduling, environmental factors, and project management)
• Developing and following a personal budget
• Mastering social communication & navigating social situations
• Identifying & maximizing resources, services and support groups
• Developing skills & strategies for self-advocating at school or in the workplace